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Install efficiently with Esdec mounting systems

Esdec BV develops, produces and supplies professional Esdec mounting systems for solar panels on roofs, called ClickFit and FlatFix and the new ClickFit EVO. ClickFit is the collective name for the pitched roof systems. FlatFix is ​​the collective name for systems for flat roofs. Esdec provides a suitable solution for all types of roofs and situations. The innovative systems distinguish themselves because they are easy to install by the installer, without making concessions to the reliability and durability of the product. This benefits the ultimate quality and lifespan of the PV system. ClickFit and FlatFix have been extensively tested by renowned test institutes such as DNW (wind tunnel), BRE and are certified according to the Dutch Building Decree and NEN 7250 by BDA / KIWA, among others. Since Esdec BV was founded in 2004, more than 4,000,000 solar panels with a combined capacity of> 1GWp have been installed on ClickFit and FlatFix worldwide. Esdec BV is one of the largest Dutch producers of solar panel mounting systems.



Mounting systems are a very important part of the solar energy system. After all, this system ensures that the solar panels remain securely and storm-proof on the roof during their entire lifespan. Since this is a very long period of time, it is strongly recommended to choose only the best materials, which have been demonstrably tested and approved. Esdec developed ClickFit EVO especially for the professional solar installer. The mounting system consists of 4 components with which you can mount all common solar panels on any tiled roof. The unique properties make it possible to install this mounting system twice as fast. 


FlatFix Fusion

FlatFix Fusion is a revolutionary lightweight flat roof system that can be used for almost all flat roofs. With a minimum of ballast, the coupled aerodynamic system can be used for both large and small systems. The unique design can be built with the same components in both a classic South setup and in an East-West or North-South setup. FlatFix Fusion has an installation angle of 13 degrees, which ensures that the PV system can achieve very good yields in almost any orientation. FlatFix Fusion provides various smart features including integrated cable management, thermal decoupling of the solar panels and the roof and passive cooling of the solar panels. These features lead to a higher efficiency of the PV system and an extension of the lifespan of both the solar panels and the roof.


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